It is a controversial question, but what we can say is that our Flour is super powerful and we are going to show you.

Its brief definition, in four words (or some more), is: Bon App Eat® Activated Malt Flour, which is a super ingredient obtained through a handmade malting process.

What do you stay? Okay, okay … if your expression is similar to the one of the funny girl in the photo, let us explain its superpowers one by one.


Super selection

We select the most nutritious grains of barley and therefore the most beneficial for our health, and our secret, the activation of the malt is to reduce the long chains of sugars and turn them into simpler and more fermentable ones.

The flour we obtain is low in carbohydrates, with levels of fiber and nutrients higher than in other flours and on top of that it has a very low environmental impact.

It’s actually that simple, but there’s still more …


Super pro

Did you know that our flour contains more protein than a chicken egg, but without any egg or almond?

You already know it. Proteins are essential for complete nutrition and their deficiency is related to dysfunction problems and diseases such as obesity and type II diabetes. Do not play with it!

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), adult women should consume around 48 grams of protein per day and adult men around 56 grams. It is important.

Every 100g of our flour contains:

valores producto harina bonappeat
valores harina bonappeat

* RDI (Percentage of Recommended Daily Intake)

Super fibrous

You are going to freak out because it also contains more fiber than a walnut, an artichoke or an avocado.

The consumption of fiber helps lower cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar and creates healthy digestion and prevents obesity, certain types of cancer and coronary heart disease.

Returning to the WHO, the minimum amount of fiber that each woman should consume daily is set at 25 grams and at 38 grams for men.


Super part

Do not faint! It also contains more iron than spinach or lentils and more zinc than an egg.

We need iron because our bodies use it to make hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that allows to carry oxygen through them. In addition, this mineral contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

On the other hand, zinc is vital for our immune system and for being healthy, contributing to the maintenance of hair, nails, and skin, promoting healthy growth during childhood, healing wounds and also maintaining testosterone at its proper levels (which is also important, right?).


We see that the expression of the funny girl has changed, possibly yours too and we love it !!!

Surely after reading all this you will be thinking # IWouldLike… and you know it!


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