-The secret-

Handmade and Elaborated Process

This flour is obtained after a handmade and sustainable process

We select the best grains from the two-row barley

Malted (Germination Controlled)




The nutritional benefits of sprouted grain without sugars are scientifically proven:

Strengthens the defense of the immune system.

It is a source of energy for our body.

Stimulates muscle growth.

It is excellent for the bones.

It serves as an anticancerogenic and antioxidant.

Lowers cholesterol levels.

Helps in the process of digestion of proteins.

Macerate and Activation

To activate the various enzymes and reduce the long chains of sugars into simpler and more fermentable ones.

The nutritional benefits of barley malt are scientifically proven:

Regulates intestinal transit and fat excretion.

Reduces the creation of kidney stones.

Relieves constipation and diarrhea.

Prolongs the feeling of fullness.

Lowers cholesterol and glucose levels.

Why all of this?

In order to facilitate that the minerals enter into the blood and get absorbed by the body and manage to decompose the barley grain into simpler sugars and make them more digestible and assimilable for humans, obtaining an important source of amino acids (lysine and glutamic acid), minerals such as iron and calcium, proteins of vegetable origin and vitamins of group B.

In summary, in order to obtain more nutritious and highly beneficial grains for people.

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