— About us-

Our history

Let us tell you about it


Bon App Eat® is created by a big family composed of 5 children, a diabetic grandfather, a mother who has been pregnant for many years and a sporty father committed to preservation of the environment who eats bread with olive oil every morning …


One day we decided to find the best cookies and the best bread in the world, as parents concerned about the health of our family. And if on the way it could be brought home, it would be very practical!


What a surprise it was to us when after investigating a lot, a lot, a lot, we did not find ANYTHING. The alarm went on when we discovered that most of the breads labeled “healthy and sugar-free” are anything but healthy and when labeled “with sourdough (only 1%), no additives, no colorings, no animal fats, trans, egg …” Who believes it? And, the cookies? They carry ingredients that should not exist on the market!


Caught red-handed


Not just our family, but EVERYONE “needs to eat food that contains the best ingredients”. This became our life purpose..


Get the best cookie and the best bread in the world in an environmentally friendly and eco-sustainable way.


After years of hard work, we created the SUPER ingredient: Bon App Eat® Activated Malt Flour and tested it on all levels, including our closest circle of friends and family.


Grandpa used to have significant glucose rises after breakfast, but ever since he has eaten our bread, we don’t even remember those bad times.


Our relatives who used to suffer from iron deficiency, constipation and / or intestinal discomfort. With our cookies? That’s a solved issued!


And the super sportsman father, found in our flour the energy boost he needed for his intense workouts and also managed to maintain a constant and balanced weight.


IInvestigating our flour thoroughly, we discovered virtues that have never been seen in any other flour. This super ingredient is high in protein, more than any other flour, it controls blood sugar levels, regulates cholesterol, provides amounts of iron higher than contained in lentils….


Come on, it only occurred to us to say THANKS for such a discovery and as thanks we felt the need to share it with the whole world.


The founding manifesto


We wrote a Manifesto that continues to grow based on our firm commitment to health, nutritional quality and sustainability.


Because YOU are the one who matters to us, much more than the cost of production!


  • We will bring the nutritious and beneficial flour to the entire world.

  • We will be EXQUISITE selecting the best seeds from each harvest.

  • We will ONLY work with sourdough and NOTHING MORE than sourdough.

  • We will reject any other baking yeast and we will respect a slow and artisanal fermentation, very ARTISANAL.

  • Our power words are: “goodSport, goodActivity, goodWellness and goodMum.”

  • Our labels will always be HONEST and transparent. No cheating or tricks !!




Of course, we are aware that such a revolutionary product could only follow our philosophy of EXCELLENCE 360º. And that means that we have made a large investment at the Bon App Eat facilities to take care of our mother earth searching for a zero waste and zero negative emissions production


We built the most efficient photovoltaic energy roof in the world for this purpose.


We want to take care of our planet, we NEED to take care of the planet, and show that things can be done well even without polluting. Every step in pursuit of REAL sustainability, no matter how difficult it might be, is worth it.


When our children are asked, “What does your father do?” their answers are usually very diverse, but there is one that we love: “My dad cleans the sky!” that innocent affirmation is the certainty that we are on the «Good way».


You would like to walk by our side…

And you know it!