• The cookies are made in facilities that have the largest and most efficient photovoltaic energy cover on the planet.
  • COVID-19 increases interest in products that are free of animal protein and that strengthen the immune system, which is why it is 100% vegan and high in iron and zinc.
  • It is the first cookie completely made of 100% natural ingredients, it is high in fiber, iron and zinc; and contains more protein than an egg.

Bon App Eat launches the healthiest and the most sustainable cookie in the world by installing the world’s largest and most efficient SolarWall® Photovoltaic roof in its new flour factory in Spain, generating up to 4 times more per m2 than a normal PV roof. This makes it the first power company in the world to obtain the Solar Produced certificate, also being Net Zero, because it produces more energy than it consumes. In addition, it reduces 10,000 Tm / Co2 / per year.

The coronavirus has highlighted consumer interest in safe and reliable animal protein-free products. For this reason the cookie is made with 100% vegan, natural and organic ingredients. It contains 18gr of highly digestible protein and high biological value, more protein than an egg or an almond contains; 16gr of fiber more than any fruit, and similar to an almond; more Iron than spinach and lentils; and more Zinc than the egg; the latter contributing to the normal functioning of the immune system. In addition, it contains Prebiotic fiber that modulates the composition and activity of the microbiota, beneficial for people with constipation problems.

The cookie is ideal for pregnant women and nursing mothers because it provides them with many nutrients and energy. In addition, it has galactagogue properties that increase production and improve the quality of milk.